In a wide scope of business opportunities, companies rely on various teams of people that combines the collective capabilities of men and women to produce a more competitive and more goal oriented organization.

Because of this, the traditional mindsets and procedures of talent acquisition may soon be obsolete in the future, and be replaced by a more modern way of building a team with diverse people carrying out a variety of individual skills and talents. Organizations must learn how to adapt and work with this rapidly changing workforce now. The first step in achieving this is having an inclusive mindset within the HR policies and recruitment practices.

Sources of Talents

Having a more inclusive mindset means creating a welcoming environment to once overlooked potential group of workers, such as returning mothers, older workers, and persons with disabilities or special needs. Focusing on skills and expertise rather than age, disabilities or special needs during hiring, will help motivate the candidates to join the organization.

After being hired, retaining these potential workers is as much a responsibility as with the organization’s existing workforce as it is their inclusive policies. Not only the recruiter must have an inclusive mindset, but the existing workforce should have an inclusive mindset as well.

Employee Satisfaction

With sufficient diversity and inclusion trainings, as well as soft skills trainings can help develop the ability of each member of the workforce. According the APAC Workforce insights, the organizations that provide such trainings could see more employees satisfied with the company they’re working with. This helps in improving the talent retention of an organization.

Adopting a more inclusive mindset in the workplace means giving your recruitment and employer branding efforts and edge over your competition. With the younger generation of workers placing greater importance on working with people from different backgrounds and abilities, the organizations that can sustain this inclusive mindset within the organization will increase the intensity of race for new talents.

Stay ahead in the race for talent

Today’s transformation in organizations will accelerate and benefit the future workforce. Organizations need to start evolving their Human Resource and recruitment practices now to meet the needs of today’s transforming workforce.

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