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We believe that proper job matching is important.
There is no such thing as the perfect job. However, every man and woman in the work force have different strengths, weaknesses, opinions, personalities and an unfathomable number of other characteristics that, when combined and utilized, can help in the search for the right employee that is best fit for the company.

At Eden Grace, every applicant is required to undergo a proper job matching procedure through personal pre-screening, assessment testing tool to measure one’s strength and ability and final screening.


We believe the importance of the employee’s character because it reflects one reliability in the task and role entrusted to. It will affect relationship in the workplace as well as serving customers.

Customers are more inclined to do business with partners they feel are being honest and genuine. Furthermore, as an employee, being trusted with confidential information will say a lot about one’s character. A trusted employee will eventually lead to a more fulfilling career in the end.

At Eden Grace, every applicant is required to undergo our character building program to ensure that one will understand and embrace the importance of having good Character in the workplace. This is to teach the applicant that a great employee is one with solid morals and values.


In every country, companies do have their own set of cultural nuances, customs, mannerisms, and expectations. As an outsider in a foreign land, these things can be difficult in the beginning.

Given time and adjustment is important for every initial transition. Though it still depends on one’s personality and situation, it can take a while to get settled into your new job.
At Eden Grace, we understand that initial transition, adjustment and work progress is crucial for every company as it will determine if one can adapt and stay to work.

Our regular in-house support group and mentorship program was developed as we believe that initial close follow up is important to help one’s integration. Our aim is that the employee will be able to integrate well in the workplace and most of all becoming a great employee to the company.


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